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  1. The First Step in Overcoming Alzheimer's Disease through Early Diagnosis [MBC] [TJB]
  2. Introduction of KRIBB [iNDUSTRY CHANNEL]
  3. KRIBB, Direct Detection of Multidrug-Resistant Influenza Virus using Antibody [YTN]
  4. Accumulation of Nanoplastics Enhances Toxcity in Embryos [KBS] [MBC] [SBS] [YTN]
  5. Development of Highly Sensitive Nucleic Acid Detection Technology for Disease Diagnosis [YTN]
  6. BioNano Health Guard Research Center Opening [YTN] [YTN SCIENCE]
  7. 2nd Nantional Nanotechnology Map [YTN SCIENCE]


  1. Introduction of Dr. Taejoon Kang's Laboratory [BioChip Letter]
  2. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  3. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  4. KRIBB, Development of Early Diagnostic System for Alzheimer's Disease through Blood Test [Domestic Newspaper]
  5. Development of Diagnostic Kit Technology for Emerging Infectious Disease in 50 min... KRIBB "95% Specificity" [Domestic Newspaper]
  6. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  7. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  8. Diagnosis of Breast Cancer using Blood [Domestic Newspaper]
  9. Direct Detection of Tamiflu-Resistant Virus using Highly Sensitive Nanosensor [Domestic Newspaper]
  10. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  11. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  12. Identifying Foodborne Pathogen in 5 min using Semiconductor Manufacturing Process [Domestic Newspaper]
  13. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  14. Bionano Sensor Diagnoses even Incurable Diseases... Advancing the 'Healthy 100 Year Old Life' [Domestic Newspaper]
  15. Introduction of Dr. Taejoon Kang's Laboratory [H-GUARD News Letter]
  16. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  17. Diagnostic Kit, the Key of K-Prevnetion [KRIBB Focus]
  18. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  19. Direct Detection of Multidrug-Resistant Influenza Virus using Antibody [Domestic Newspapers]
  20. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  21. Noble Metal Nanostructures for Biomolecular Sensing [Science and Technology of Sensors]
  22. Spread of Tamiflu-Resistant Virus...Successful Development of Rapid Diagnostic Paper KIT [Domestic Newspapers]
  23. Accumulation of Nanoplastics Enhances Toxcity in Embryos [Domestic Newspapers]
  24. WISET R&D Career Return Support Program Achievement Sharing Conference [Domestic Newspapers]
  25. Development of Tamiflu-Resistant Virus Diagnosis Technology [Domestic Newspapers]
  26. Plasmonic nanowire interstice sensor for the diagnosis of prostate cancer [Clinical Laboratory International]
  27. Development of Multivalent Protein Optical Sensor for Ultrasensitive Nucleic Acid Detection [Domestic Newspapers]
  28. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  29. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  30. Disposable biosensors made from newspaper [Nanowerk]
  31. Emerging of Zika Virus and Nanotechnology [Nano Insight]
  32. KRIBB, Strategic Research Groups [Domestic Newspapers]
  33. BioNano Health Guard Research Center [APBN]
  34. Realization of Safe Future Society from Bio Hazardous Substances by H-GUARD [Chemistry World]
  35. Holding the Results Briefing Seesion of SMEs Technology Mentoring Program [Domestic Newspapers]
  36. BioNano Health Guard Research Center Opening [Domestic Newspapers]
  37. 2nd Nantional Nanotechnology Map [Domestic Newspapers]
  38. BioNano Health Guard Research Center [Nano Insight]
  39. Attending AsiaSense 2013 [BT News]
  40. KRIBB, Intramural Convergence Symposium [Domestic Newspapers]
  41. Germany-Korea Nano Bio Material Expert Workshop [Domestic Newspapers]
  42. Introduction of BioNano Health Guard Research Center [Domestic Newspapers]
  43. Global Frontier Program Selection [Domestic Newspapers]
  44. Development of Au Nanowire Nanoinjector [Domestic Newspapers]
  45. Realize a safe society by on-site rapid detection of food borne pathogens [The Science & Technology]
  46. Public Welfare & Safety Research Program Selection [Domestic Newspapers]
  47. Rainbow Radiating Single-Crystal Silver Nanowire Nanoantenna [KAIST Institute]
  48. Development of Rainbow Radiating Nanoantenna Operating in the Full Visible Range [Domestic Newspapers]
  49. Spintronics: A high wire act [Nature asia materials]
  50. Gold and DNA Join Forces to Detect Mercury [ChemistryViews Magazine]
  51. Development of Multiple Pathogen Diagnostic Sensor by using Au Nanowires [2011 NRF Superior Research Results 100]
  52. Development of Multiple Pathogen Diagnostic Technique [2011 Basic Research 50]
  53. Cartoon of Au Particle-on-Wire SERS Sensor [Science Dong-A]
  54. Development of Multiple Pathogen Diagnostic Sensor by using Au Nanowires [The Science & Technology]
  55. People Glorifying Korea [BRIC]
  56. Development of Multiplex Diagnostic Technique for Infectious Pathogens [Domestic Newspapers]
  57. Korean scientists develop fast, accurate pathogen detection sensor [HSNW]
  58. Biosensing nanoflowers in bloom [nanotechweb]
  59. RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY: Nanowire on a film makes efficient SERS platform [LaserFocusWorld]
  60. Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Ag Nanowires [Domestric Newspapers]


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