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  1. J. Jung, H. R. Kim, E. K. Lim, T. Kang, and K. H. Guk
    "Antibody against oseltamivir resistant influenza virus"
    Korea 2021, 10-2218980
  2. T. Kang, K. G. Lee, A. R. Hwang, K. H. Kim, N. H. Bae, J. Y. Jeong, D. E. Yoo, D. W. Lee, M. K. Lee, S. J. Lee, W. S. Lee, T. J. Lee, E.-K. Lim, J. Jung, J. Moon, and J. Byun
    "System and Method for Capturing and Assaying Hazardous Biomaterials Using Hybrid Nano-structures"
    Korea 2019, 10-2041611
  3. T. Kang, J. Moon, J. Jeong, W. S. Lee, E. K. Lim, and J. Jung
    Biosensor comprising coating layer modified with polydopamine and protein G mixture and method for detecting biological material using the same"
    Korea 2019, 10-1971246
  4. J. Jung, E. K. Lim, K. H. Guk, J. O. Keem, and T. Kang 
    "Method for detecting a target gene using a dCas9/gRNA complex and fluorescence marker"
    Korea 2019, 10-1942947
  5. B. Kim, M.-K. Seo, H. Lee, and T. Kang
    "Optical Nano Antenna Using Single-Crystalline Ag Nanoplate, and Nano Optical Equipment Including the Same"
    Korea 2014, 10-1382258
  6. B. Kim, M. Kang, and T. Kang
    "Transition Metal Nano Electrode and a Method of Fabricating Thereof"
    Korea 2014, 10-1358989
  7. B. Kim, H. Lee, and T. Kang
    "Method of Fabricating an AuAg Nanowire"

    Korea 2013, 10-1339962
  8. B. Kim, T. Kang, and I. Yoon
    "Optical Nano Antenna Using Single-Crystalline Ag Nanowire, Method of Manufacturing the Same and Optical Nano Antenna Using Single-Crystalline Metal Nanowire"
    Korea 2013, 10-1251379
  9. B. Kim, T. Kang, I. Yoon, S. Y. Lee, and S. M. Yoo
    "Detection Method of Bio-Chemical Material using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering"
    Korea 2011, 10-1059896
  10. B. Kim, I. Yoon, and T. Kang
    "Spectra Sensor for Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering"
    Korea 2009, 10-0892629
  11. W. Lee, B. Kim, W. Jung, K. Lee, S. Shim, and T. Kang
    "Room Temperature Ferromagnetic ZnS Nanobelts and the Fabrication Method Thereof"
    Korea 2007, 10-0666729


  1. E. K. Lim, J. Lim, B. Kang, T. Kang, S. Seo, S. Jang, and J. Jung
    "Gene detecting technology based on body fluid test"
    Korea 2021, 10-2021-0014786
  2. E. K. Lim, J. Lim, M. Moon, S. Kim, B. Kang, T. Kang, J. Jung, S. Seo, S. U. Son, and K.-S. Lee
    "Degenerative brain disease diagnosis and monitoring technology based on body fluid test"
    Korea 2021, 10-2021-0024490
  3. E. K. Lim, S. Jang, S. U. Son, B. Kang, T. Kang, K.-S. Lee, and J. Jung
    "Reagent Composition for Detecting Narcotic Illegal Drugs and Sheet-Like Kit for Detecting Illegal Drugs Comprising the Same"
    Korea 2021, 10-2021-0016939
  4. T. Kang, H. Kim, C.-M. Ryu, S. Lee, H. W. Seo, B. Kang, J. Moon, H. Kang, J. Jung, and E. K. Lim
    "CRISPR-dCas9-mediated Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering Assay for Detecting Pathogen"
    Korea 2020, 10-2020-0126157
  5. T. Kang, J. Moon, J. Jung, K.-S. Lee, E. K. Lim, H. Kim, and H. Kang
    "Target RNA Detecting Method Based on dCas9/gRNA Complex"
    Korea 2020, 10-2020-0097531
  6. E. K. Lim, S. U. Son, S. Jang, T. Kang, K.-S. Lee, and J. Jung
    "Drug Delivery Composition for Percutaneous Absorption and method of preparing the same"
    Korea 2020, 10-2020-0077029
  7. E. K. Lim, K.-S. Lee, S. Jang, S. U. Son, Y. B. Jin, B. Kang, T. Kang, and J. Jung
    "Reagent Composition for Detecting Narcotic Drug and Sheet-Like Kit for Detecting Narcotic Drug Comprising the Same"
    Korea 2020, 10-2020-0074923
  8. J.Jung, H. R. Kim, K.-S. Lee, K. Guk, E. K. Lim, and T. Kang
    "Antibody for Periodontal Disease and use Thereof"
    Korea 2020, 10-2020-0117038
  9. O. S. Kwon, T. Kang, S. J. Park, C. S. Park, K. H. Kim, J. Y. Kim, J. Lee, and C-S. Lee
    "Carbene Compound, Carbene-Metal Nanoparticle Complex and Method for Manufacturing Thereof"
    PCT 2019, KR2019-013314, Korea 2019, 10-2019-0125410


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